I started this blog as an extension of my twitter page, as sometimes 140 characters aren’t enough. They certainly weren’t sufficient to describe what happened to me on the personal and investment fronts in September, 2013, a  month in which I lost my father and gained 66% in my investment assets. In that post,  I described my investment style:

“I invest unconventionally. My twitter description says “concentrated value/event-driven investor”. Basically what the “value/event-driven” part means is that I look for companies whose individual parts are worth well above the company’s current market cap, and those that are likely take-out candidates. I look for industries that are ripe for consolidation and try to identify the companies most likely to be acquired. I obsessively research about individual companies in special situations, usually in the technology space. As far as “concentrated” is concerned, when I find these situations, I typically take on far more risk than is recommended.”

I intend to use this blog from time to time to put some thoughts down about special situations/potential takeovers in the market.

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